Sustainable Tech with the Power to Revolutionize the Everyday

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Emma Menebroker

9/5/20232 min read

Sustainable Tech with the Power to Revolutionize the Everyday

Do you have an interest in sustainable design and problem-solving but need a push to get started? Maybe a bit of motivation?

We have compiled a few companies below that are making their customers' lives greener and we believe, will give that motivation you might be in search for!

Ideas for improving sustainability around the house:

Lettuce Grow is a sustainability-minded company aspiring to bring ‘farmstands’ into people’s homes. They sell in-home vertical farms that allow people the satisfaction of growing their own food with ease. This invention eliminates the pesticides and fertilizers used on food as well as the carbon released during transport.

Another company moving the ball forward in food sustainability is Nature’s Fynd. They have adopted a unique fungi protein, discovered in Yellowstone National Park, allowing for a more sustainable supplement as compared to everyday animal proteins, creating products including breakfast patties and dairy-free cream cheese. This innovative protein is 130 times more efficient per acre when compared with traditional beef production.

Stepping outside, Colorado-based company Sunday has created a customizable and sustainable alternative to harmful lawn fertilizers. This company prompts customers to send in a lawn sample for analysis, allowing them to then receive a tailored fertilizer that ensures their lawn health is optimal. They are also directly opposed to the use of harmful pesticides in their products, recognizing that these chemicals are linked to birth defects, and cancer, as well as toxins that are dangerous to other species that come in contact with it, from birds to fish.

The future of transportation:

When looking at the transportation industry, a company moving the industry forward is Zipcar. This on-demand car service allows users to rent out a car as needed, eliminating the need for a personal vehicle and saving users money. The World Economic Forum states that services like Zipcar, that ensure ‘high vehicle utilization’, will be assets when creating circular economies (Wolff and Deloison, 2020).

There are also many apps designed to help people achieve their sustainability goals…

TeknTrash is revolutionizing our understanding of waste products by filling the void of data on what is wasted at the ‘point of disposal’. Using geolocation technology, AI, and an app called Stipra, this company is working to encourage recycling and provide companies with data on the consumption and disposal of their products.

Kuri is another green-oriented app, that helps users find sustainable recipes for all meals of the day. With each recipe (many of which are delicious and easy to make) there is a rating that indicates the carbon footprint of the meal depending on the user’s home region and what is in season.

The company Too Good to Go is helping combat food waste across Europe and in select US cities. It ensures that food that would be thrown away by businesses is instead sold to those in the community for one-third of the price using their app interface. This valuable connection between business and community allows for people in need to get food at a low price while mitigating the negative impact of food waste.

Find these innovative companies intriguing? Well, they all started with an idea to improve the average person’s every day. If you have a green idea that envisions changing the world, no matter how big or small, reach out under the ‘Contact Us’ tab. We would love to catalyze your journey!


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